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  1. Hi Patricio,

    How are you doing today. Patricio me and my wife have been trying to access our Libertagia account since yesterday but it says that our system is under maintenance, we return in few moments. However it still shows the same message, Please let me know when the systems would be up and running. I have people who are interested in joining our team but I am unable to explain them due to this issue. Please help.


    Alvin John

    • The system is usually up after the weekend because there are no tasks on weekends. I know it is hard when you got interested people… They must be updating the system. One of the last features was the possibility to check how many people there are in our whole network (6 levels), but it needed some kind of update.

  2. In weekend there was maintenance work going on so I was not able to access my account but today on monday also its giving me the same message. Please check my account my username is alyboy

  3. Hi Patricio,

    Thanks for amazing information here!

    Unlike Alvin, I am now able to access my account after the maintenance work. But unfortunately, all the money I earned from the last week tasks (because I am new) was wiped off from my “Status” dashboard. Does this always happen? Or is it due to the maintenance work? Is there a way I can view a complete history of my earnings?

    Please I need help!


    • Don’t worry about that, there are usually problems after a maintenance but they will update them soon.

  4. its already 2month joining.i didnot get any money.last 20 days to still now it showsdocument received :in verification.whenverificationover so that i will apply forgiapay card.when i will get money.

    • What do you mean with “i didnt get any money”. I your balance shows you have 0 that is a system error but you dont have to be worried about it because it gets updated. You arent going to earn much money if you only do daily tasks as a bronze member… This is not a ptc site I already said it many times.

  5. how is it possible?im workingfrom 2month.ihavemade$109.21.now mydocument approved.butthere is no messgaefor applyinggiapay card.my emailid:gayatrisabat1983@gmail.com.pls check again.im doingdailytask.still ididnotgetsingle money

  6. but bydoing daily task iwill earn $60 .thats sufficient for me.i need giapaycard.pls tell me how can i applyfor that

    • They need some time to send you your giapay. There are many people still waiting for it. However I would recommend you not to apply for it until you have a solid network or a premium package because your earnings won’t be enough to be withdrawn! Do you know how the captive balance works?

      • Some time ago the company wanted us to pay them a monthly fee to allow us to earn commissions from our referrals. We don’t have to pay that now. We earn commissions from our referrals from the beginning until the sixth generation, but each month a monthly amount is stored in that captive balance. We dont lose that money. We can use it in the future to upgrade or to buy some products.

  7. Hi Gayatri,

    Maybe we should be patient… Patricio usually replies. Just hang on, he will likely get back to you with your answers.

  8. hi patricio

    I have few questions
    1. does the monthly activation fee get deducted every month from the total balance?
    2. what if a person does not want to refer anyone and just wants to earn with the daily tasks. That person won’t be able to accumulate $300 for withdrawal even in a year, when every month the activation fee gets deducted?

    • 1- Yes, It gets deducted every month.
      2- That person will be able to use his/her captive balance to upgrade too, but it will take him/her much more time to get a nice income in order to withdraw.

    • My question is: Is that what you look for? I mean some site where you stay for some time to withdraw some money and then you give it up. If that is your only goal, this is not your business.
      Bronze members should think about upgrading (you can use your captive balance to do it) as one of their goals.
      Libertagia gives you the opportunity to have your own business in which you can decide how far you want to go.

  9. Hi Patricio,

    I have transferred some money into my libertagia ewallet and I have generated some invoices(ids: 132737, 132738) how do I pay these invoices using my libertagia ewallet? I am still on a bronze account (my status shows “overdue waiting for activation”) and I will like to upgrade but how can I use the transferred fund in my ewallet to pay for these invoices.


    • I dont understand what you exactly mean. You added funds from your bank account to your ewallet, right? And you generated invoices to buy a premium package, am I right? I think it will be easier if we chat on skype to guide you easily. My nick is patrocker3.

    • Bitcoin mining has been removed from the aims of the company due to its recent issues. The bitcoin system has been hacked and is no longer available in Libertagia.

  10. now that the monthly activation fee has been transferred to captive balance. when will I get the team variable earnings credited to the account

    • You will be paid within a month or less. Ensure that your referrals sent their documents and that stuff in order to allow you earn commissions from their work.

      • One more thing. Notice that you will earn commissions from the referrals that have their monthly contributions active.

  11. I am here to ask you one question that how I transfer my money to my sponsor and what is minimum amount to transfer thanks

  12. Hallo! Just recently join your team. Thank you for your wonderful step by step instructions. Anyway, is the bronze box will always be free?

    • Welcome Anabelle!
      The bronze box will always be free, that’s what they promised. They want everybody to start a home business for free.

  13. sir
    can i get some payment proofs, there are lot of people who want to know whether LibertaGia pays or not

    • Those $40 goes to the captive balance. You can use that amount to upgrade later. You don’t lose it.
      To check your balances go to Financial and then to Balances.

  14. Hi,
    I just joined your team. It’s difficult to go the the ‘task site’. After I clicked ‘start today task’, it’s always error (the site is currently offline) when directed to the ‘task site’. I cleared the cookies and caches already. Do you know what happen? Thanks.

  15. I have joined under you in libertagia.com
    I understand that the daily task gives an income of $ 50 and will expire after one year and we have to go for premium packages to maximize the revenue and I agree. But my doubt is whether we can withdraw the earnings of $ 50 earned every month as free member or we can not withdraw unless we go for premium packages? What is the position here? In other words whether going for premium packages are optional or compulsory? When can we withdraw $ 50 earned every month?
    Hope you will clarify the position as I intend to take the work very seriously.

    • You can withdraw money as a free member but the minimum withdrawal amount for all members is $300. I would recommend you upgrade to a higher package if you want to earn more money. Besides, free bronze package expires after 12 months, so you should upgrade and then you can renew your contract.

      • Hey! Am trying 2 register under you but the page does not appear in full. I can’t see where to fill what! Can U offer any help? Please! Coz i want to do this business with passion. Thanks!

      • I don’t know what happens with your registering page. It should be fully shown. Try to use google chrome and clear your cache and cookies.

  16. Hi,
    I’ve been trying to login for 5 hours but always mentioned 503 service unavailable. I cleared cookies and cache, still same. Any suggestion? Thanks.

    • It is working for everyone. I don’t know what is the problem there. Maybe it is just a local problem :/

    • Once you request an upgrade, it is deducted from your general balance and then it is deducted from your captive balance as soon as your general balance is empty.

  17. hi patricio, just call me shine, i wonder if you can help me with just a little problem. Why is it that Libertagia says a month ago that they are under maintenance and would last for just a few days yet i see no change. Errors are still persistent.

    • Which kind of errors do you have? Now they are working on Network>Binary section that isn’t working at this moment. They are usually under maintenance, that is true. We all hope they keep the system working properly.

    • Spillover is people invited by your sponsor that goes to your binary system. You get PGE points from that spillover but notice you only earn from the leg where there are less PGE points stored, so you should put your referrals on the other leg to earn from them.

  18. I am having a problem almost everytime when I try to log in, as a result I only do my tasks maybe for two or three days in a week

  19. Hi Patricio…I am really interested about this business and i want to build my network but i want to be 101 % before i do the step forward..my questions are…
    1:) from where libertagia money coming from if affiliates can join for free and then receive money when they become booster? if u have 1.000.000 affiliates and receive 3 dollars a day that means that libertagia must give 3.000.000 a day correct? where the money is coming from? i dont find it logical that is only from the 50 dollar pack of advertising because in my opinion i believe the advertising pack is not so effective because it has no geo targeting and not a lot of people will use it as effective advertising.
    2;) why the cloud storage is so expensive ? I can have unlimited cloud storage with only 5-6 dollars per month in other places..so why here is so expensive? explain please it would be appreciated.

    • Hi George,
      The company is working on all of that. They are currently developing the new backoffice 2.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-7Mp5DLe30 which is much better than the previous one.
      Besides, they are developing products out of the platform. Now people will be able to buy products without being an affiliate of the company. We are all waiting for the company to announce that everything is working again and better than ever
      They also opened a new office here in Spain today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5EAn0Abr2A#t=27
      I suggest you join a Facebook group of the company to keep updated about all of these news.
      Kind regards

  20. helo petrico sir i want to know that after migration of libertagia my account account did not open they give me eror “incorect user name” i put my user name corectly many time but my account did not open plzzzzz help me …..?

  21. hi Patricio i want to ask you something that at the time of joining i enter my name in the document that is (RAHUL) so is this wrong to enter the name in document field what should i do now..please help me

  22. Hai, today I am unable to do my tasks, I log in and go to the Task’s page and click doin task and it show the page and it finish, and I can’t perfom the second Task, it’s written Doing, it is the first time I have this problem please help me

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